Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate

Ethy-Gen® II:
Powerful. Clean. Pure. Approved.

Ethy-Gen® II’s active ingredient is all-natural & GMO-free, and is the only “ripening fluid” approved by the US EPA and the UK Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD). 


Specially formulated by Catalytic Generators, Ethy-Gen® II is an efficient and clean way to convert to ethylene. You may have heard it called “ripening fluid,” because that’s exactly what it does. Simply pour it in or connect it to one of our generators, and watch the safest, most effective and consistent ethylene production begin.

Since we manufacture Ethy-Gen® II with only the purest ingredients available, there are no harmful byproducts produced when converted to ethylene in one of our Catalytic Generators.

Don’t be fooled by copycat “ripening fluids.”  There’s only one that has passed the stringent standards of both the US-EPA and UK-CRD….Ethy-Gen® II.  Third-party laboratories also test batches of Ethy-Gen® II for quality and purity, plus test the output from our generator for ethylene purity.  So you can be sure of the purity and safety of what comes out of the ethylene generator when you only pour in Ethy-Gen® II!

Also, ethylene is odorless and without measuring the level in the room, there’s no way to know it is present in the ripening room.  No ethylene = no ripening.  That’s why ethylene created from Ethy-Gen® II has a slight sweet smell…letting you know it is there, doing the work to help make delicious fruit.

Available by the case, 12 – 1 quart bottles (0.946 L, shown above)

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We’ve improved the packaging for one of our most popular products, all for your convenience.

You may have heard of some confusion in the past, particularly in the UK, where some companies were selling unregistered ripening products. In order to distinguish between these illegal products and Catalytic Generator’s legal ones, please click here to read the statement made by the UK’s Chemical Regulation Directorate (CRD) of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) about this issue: CRD Statement.

Safety Data Sheet
Should you need a copy of our SDS for Ethy-Gen® II, please contact us.

*Remember that ethylene is explosive at 27,000 ppm; always use our generators in ripening rooms that are 1600 ft3 or larger (45 m3). Our products, when used as directed, cannot produce explosive levels of ethylene in commercial ripening rooms.