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The idea for the foundation of company TAKEM SA started in 1967 after Mr. Stathis Eleftheriou returned from England with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Regent Street Polytechnic.

TAKEM SA was founded in 1970. Initially it cooperated with the German manufacturer BERG Engineering AG for the study, supply and install of Hot Deep Galvanizing lines for Galvanizing Steel Tubes, Wires and Long Beams. In addition, TAKEM SA closely cooperated with German manufacturers HEILBRONN Maschinenbau GmbH & Co., Murh und Bender AG and TELEDYNE LANDIS GmbH for the supply of machinery and tools to the Metal Processing Industry.

In 1984 TAKEM SA started representing manufacturers with worldwide reputation and, together with experienced collaborators, entered the sector of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable processing. In particular, it supplied lines for Sorting, Packaging and Storage in Controlled Atmosphere of fresh Fruit and Vegetables.

Later on, TAKEM SA came to representing the worldwide known American manufacturer CATALYTIC GENERATORS INC. thus expanding its activities of supplying Banana Ripening machines and Technical Service outside Greece as well.

Moreover, the company has been actively involved and has successfully supplied and installed complete Palletizing and Frozen French Fries Lines in the Food Industry.

TAKEM SA commits to continue providing the highest quality product with the most innovative and cost-effective service to its customers. The strength of TAKEM‘s past and current reputation supports a strong foundation for its future high technology products and top-quality service. TAKEM‘s management team of experts is available to work with you on your problems at any time.

Just like a piece of fruit maturing, our generator has changed over the years, inside and out. From the awkward 70’s years to the stainless steel 80’s model, all the way to the current svelte version, our generators are constantly changing and improving.

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Meet The Team

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The TAKEM team: Stathis Eleftheriou, Angeliki Eleftheriou, Michalis Tsaousis

Behind every successful company are great people; a few of them are listed here.

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